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Manuscript Fragments

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In early modern bindings, a variety of fragments of print and manuscript items on both vellum and paper are to be found, reused in various ways. This resource shows some of the manuscript fragments both those still in-situ and those removed from the books in which they had been used.

Many of the items shown here were taken from bindings during the tenure of Newport B. White (Librarian 1931-57) and kept as a collection in a wooden box in the Y room. Some fragments were identified with the shelfmark of the book which had originally contained them: some were not.

Reused material is still present in many of the bindings and a project to record (and, where possible, to identify) this material is ongoing.



124 b.JPG
Fragment 124. Anglo-Norman Miroir
M2.6.18 b.JPG
Fragment 148. Unidentified medical manuscript
R2.1.29 d.JPG
Fragment 151. Four strips of theological treatise on parchment
154 a.JPG
Fragment 154
. Segment from corner parchment leaf of Decretal
155 a.JPG
Fragment 155. Segment of parchment leaf. Calendar of Feast and Saints' Days.
156 a.JPG
Fragment 156. Latin Bible, Epistle to Timothy. End of Epistle I and beginning of Epistle II.
164 a.JPG
Fragment 164
. Unidentified 16th-century manuscript in English. One side is [theological] beginning 'for christ beyng'.
165 a.JPG
Fragment 165. Segment of parchment bifolium, used as book cover for unidentified text. Theological work on the healing of lepers.
166 a.JPG
Fragment 166. 2 parchment bifolios, continuous text. Possibly martyrology or lectionary.
167 c.JPG
Fragment 167. Medieval fragment containing the story of Simon and Jude
168 b.JPG
Fragment 168. Psalm 94 'Venite exultemus domino iubilemus'.
169 a.JPG
Fragment 169. Half-page parchment leaf from Psalter.
#170 b.JPG
Fragment 170. Unidentified Medieval fragment
173 a.JPG
Fragment 173. Medical treatise in hexameter verses.
174 a.JPG
Fragment 174. Unidentified treatise on paper.
175 a.JPG
Fragment 175. Unidentified parchment in two pieces
176 b.JPG
Fragment 176. Noted service book on parchment
177 a.JPG
Fragment 177. Theological treatise on parchment. Palimpsest.
Fragment 178. Liturgical parchment. Psalms to be sung on the feast days of St Edmund the Martyr and St Cecilia.
179 b.JPG
Fragment 179. 'O' antiphons
R4.9.22 c.JPG
Fragment 214. Latin Bible (fragment)
217 a.JPG
Fragment 217. Correspondence London 25 October 1595
Fragment 218. Two fragments of parchment from a missal or other liturgical work.
R3.1.20 a.JPG
Fragment 226. Service book fragment on parchment
230 a.JPG
Fragment 230. Part of a large noted service book on parchment
R2.1.44 249 a.JPG
Fragment 249. Two parchment leaf strips, possibly from a missal.
253 252 a.JPG
Fragment 253. [Biblical commentary] on parchment
#255 b.JPG
Fragment 255. Unidentified treatise
M2.7.70 b.JPG
Fragment 262. Hugh of Saint-Cher (re-used leaf)
Fragment 344. Portion of Pope Gregory homily


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