Armagh Robinson Library Holdings

The holdings of the Armagh Robinson Library included in this exhibition are shown here.

Map of Newry
Plan of Newry in 1587, hand-drawn
Southern Holland
Atlas, or, A Geographicke Description of the Regions, Countries and Kingdomes of the World (Amsterdam, 1636).
Central and South America
Theatre Du Monde Ou Nouvel Atlas (Amsterdam, 1640).
Britain and Ireland
Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula (Amsterdam, 1661).
The World
The English Atlas, 5 vols, (London, 1680-3).
William Petty, Hiberniae Delineatio (London, 1683).
The World
Edward Wells, A New Sett Of Maps Both Of Antient And Present Geography (London, 1706).
Edmund Halley, Atlas Maritimus and Commercialis; Or, A General View of the World (London, 1728).
Atlas Minor: Or, A New and Curious Set of Sixty-Two Maps (London, c.1730).
Nouvel Atlas de la Chine (The Hague, 1737).
The World
Guillaume de L'Isle, Atlas Nouveau, Contenant Toutes Les Parties Du Monde, 2 vols, (Amsterdam, 1740).
Louisburg, North America
James Gibson, A Journal of the Late Siege By The Troops From North America, Against The French At Cape Breton (London, 1745).
North Western Europe
Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon D'Anville, Atlas (Paris, 1750).
Louth and Meath Roadways
Taylor and Skinner's Maps of the Roads Of Ireland (Dublin & London, 1778).
Lower Dundalk Bay
Map of Lower Dundalk Barony (1778)
Captain Cook's Voyages
John Webber, Maps and Plates to Cook's Voyages (London, 1779).
Armagh Tenancies
A map showing the holdings of Library tenants
North West America
Charts and Engravings of Captain George Vancouver's Expeditions (London, 1798).
North Africa
Mungo Park, Travels In The Interior Districts Of Africa (London, 1799).
A map of Derry
'A Plan of the City and Suburbs of Londonderry with the Waterside' (1799)
Northern Netherlands
Captain Chauchard, A General Map of the Empire Of Germany, Holland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, The Grisons, Italy, Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia (London, 1800).
Eastern Hemisphere
A New General Atlas of the Globe And A Collection Of Maps And Charts of the Empires Kingdoms And States of the World (Edinburgh, 1817).
Armagh and Monaghan
Maps of the Estate of the Late Dr. John Sterne Lord Bishop Of Clogher (1820).
Map of the City of Armagh (Armagh, 1863).
Townland Survey of the County of Armagh, Ordnance Survey of Ireland.
Samuel Lewis, A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (London, 1837).
Map of part of Legmurn, Drelincourt Trust (1878)