Britain and its World

These maps trace the development of British cartography in the century after 1680. In this period, Britain's political, military, and economic ambitions began to encompass the globe.

The World
The English Atlas, 5 vols, (London, 1680-3).
A General Map of the Earth
Robert Morden, Geography rectified: or, a Description of the World, in all its Kingdoms, Provinces ... (London, 1680).
The World
Edward Wells, A New Sett Of Maps Both Of Antient And Present Geography (London, 1706).
V3.(A) Herman Moll Africa.jpg
A New and Compleat Atlas, Or a Set of Twenty-Seven Two-Sheet Maps (London, ?1727).
The World
Atlas Minor: Or, A New and Curious Set of Sixty-Two Maps (London, c.1730).
North America
Thomas Jefferys, The American Atlas (London, 1776)
J.1.27 World Map.jpg
Thomas Kitchen, A General Atlas, Describing the Whole Universe (London, 1777).
J.1.19 Africa.jpg
Samuel Dunn, A New Atlas of the Mundane System (London, 1778).