The Island of Ireland

These images of Ireland trace the changing roles of maps from military conquest in the sixteenth century to the growth of commerce in the eighteenth. 

Thomas Stafford, Pacata Hibernia ... an Historie of the Late Warres of Ireland (London, 1633).
Blaeu Ireland.jpg
Atlas Major, sive Cosmographia Blaviana, (Amsterdam, 1662).
John Speed, The Theatre of the Empire of Great-Britain (London, 1676).
William Petty, Hiberniae Delineatio (London, 1683).
Edmund Halley, Atlas Maritimus and Commercialis; Or, A General View of the World (London, 1728).
South East coast of Ireland
Murdoch Mackenzie, A Maritime survey of Ireland and the West of Great Britain (London, 1776).
Louth and Meath Roadways
Taylor and Skinner's Maps of the Roads Of Ireland (Dublin & London, 1778).
Samuel Lewis, A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (London, 1837).