Irish Localities

Both libraries hold plans of Irish cities and maps of Irish counties, some of which are unique. 

We also hold 'estate maps' of lands that historically paid rents to the ecclesiastical sees of Armagh and Dublin.

A map of Derry
'A Plan of the City and Suburbs of Londonderry with the Waterside' (1799)
Map of Newry
Plan of Newry in 1587, hand-drawn
Map of the City of Armagh (Armagh, 1863).
Z2.1.17 1832 Map of Dublin.jpg
New Map of the City of Dublin (1832).
Townland Survey of the County of Armagh, Ordnance Survey of Ireland.
G4.6.15 Tyrone.jpg
John McEvoy, Statistical Survey of the County of Tyrone (Dublin, 1802)
Lower Dundalk Bay
Map of Lower Dundalk Barony (1778)
Map of part of Legmurn, Drelincourt Trust (1878)